«I think Iñaki Odriozola is a real expert in genealogy. In the early 90's, at a time when computer technology was very little advanced, he advised my wife and me in the search for genealogical data.»

«Thanks to his indefatigable and conscientious work, we were able to obtain hundreds of names from our ancestors and solve numerous problems and apparent dead ends to which we had faced for years as lovers of genealogical work. It also provided us with very valuable information of heraldic type and many historical data and interesting details about our surnames, which, however much we would have put, we would hardly have been able to find without their help.»

«I am convinced that the GeneaPro company, which is now beginning, will be a model of professionalism and service adapted to the needs of the client and highly respectful of the highest ethical standards.»

Fco. José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez - Professor at the University of Logroño  bandera españa

«I have been working on family history (genealogy) for 52 years and have enjoyed it very much. I particularly have been trying to find my grandmother and grandfather's family in the Basque Country in Spain without much success.»

«This has been my life's dream. After attending a wonderful presentation last year of Inaki Odriozola on how to do research in Spain, I became hopeful. The language barrier became an obstacle still.»

«My husband and I and a sister and brother visited Spain last September hoping to find information in cemeteries, but again we were unsuccessful. My husband and I decided to hire Inaki for help. I sent all the information that I had and I was astonished when after just a few days, he sent us 6 generations and the complete family of my grandmother. I have information on my grandfather that I have worked on but not as much as I would like. I will not hesitate to hire Inaki in the future. He is amazing!»

«My grandparents met in Boise, Idaho and were one of the first families to settle in Barber (Juan Jayo and Isabel Chopitea). I have always been so proud of my Basque heritage.»

Shirley Humphries Ross - Boise, Idaho, USA  bandera eeuu

«For several years, I had been researching our family’s Basque heritage as a part-time hobby. I had made slow but steady progress, pushing beyond the boundaries of ancestry.com to obtain my grandfather’s Spanish civil birth record and even visiting his tiny hometown in Navarre. But continuing to make progress was becoming much more difficult.»

«In preparation for a summer vacation to Spain in 2019, I decided to look for help inside Spain and found GeneaPro on-line. Headquartered in Bilbao, I was sure that they would have great capabilities in Basque ancestry.»

«Iñaki and his team far exceeded my expectations, taking my small collection of ancestral information and quickly pulling together church baptismal records, a family tree, and even finding and contacting living relatives. The highlight of that trip was meeting those Spanish cousins in San Sebastian, a meeting personally facilitated by Iñaki, who attended and even provided a translator.»

«It was an amazing and truly unforgettable experience and we have continued to stay in touch with our new extended family. I’m grateful for the work of Iñaki and his team.»

Steve Gire - Seattle, Washington, USA  bandera eeuu

«For nearly twenty years I searched for the parents of my great-grandmother Doña Hipólita Mendi Serrano, of whom I had photos, postcards, some small objects, and several stories of my mother who, along with her sister, my aunt, enjoyed her childhood with her care and love.»

«With this information I contacted GeneaPro and there we agreed that the research could begin in Santo Domingo de la Calzada. It was wonderful what Iñaki was able to find in the Parish of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, the baptismal certificate of Hipólita, Anselma, Millán and other of his siblings, his father, his grandfather, his great-grandfather and many more. Also the marriages of all these ancestors. My great-grandmother was found, my family was found, a part of me came to light. It is an unspeakable joy, you feel these people, no matter the time or space, when you identify them you feel a fullness of the soul, it is something special.»

«Iñaki's research allowed me to advance five more generations from my great-great-grandfather in Santo Domingo de la Calzada and one more generation through his wife's line that will continue through Santurde, Santurdejo and Escaray.»

«My family and I are very grateful to Iñaki for his knowledge, general training, interest and service in this Research, and I find myself waiting for the necessary conditions so that I can continue working on the search for my Spanish origins.»

Prof. Marcela M. Grandberg - Mar del Plata, Argentina  bandera argentina

«I have known Iñaki Odriozola for more than fifteen years and have collaborated with him in several cultural projects. I have no doubt that he is one of the greatest experts in Spain in scientific genealogy, nor of the quality, rigor and correct method that characterize his work.»

Prof. Dr. José Manuel Azcona Pastor - Professor of Contemporary History and Director of the Santander Presdeia Chair of the University Rey Juan Carlos  bandera españa

«I had the great pleasure to meet Iñaki in Boise, Idaho when he and his sister (as interpreter) came to teach a genealogy research class at The Basque Center.»

«I had one relative who I could not trace. He was a brother to my grandfather who moved to Argentina. After my grandfather came to America in 1920 as far as I knew they had not had any further contact. I had great difficulty moving ahead in researching him with the language barrier and really not having any idea of what I was doing. I spoke with Iñaki after class and told him my difficulties. He said to email him and he will contact me once he got back to Basque County; and he did! I told him what I knew and it didn't take him very long to get me new information. Not only had he located a death certificate of my great uncle in Argentina, he got a copy of it, along with a current address of my cousin. He sent me all the information I was looking for along with much more.»

«The best part, I have new family in Argentina. We are now in contact with each other. We have a family group on Facebook where they are a part of it. I am most sure that my grandfather would be very very happy in knowing we are all together again.»

«I would work with Iñaki again in a heartbeat if I needed additional help. So very kind, very thorough and incredibly helpful. I cannot thank Iñaki enough for his heartfelt research. He will always be remembered as the one who brought my family full circle.»

Teresa Gibson - Boise, Idaho, USA  bandera eeuu